About DAPP

Dutch Africa Poultry Platform

The Dutch Africa Poultry Platform (DAPP) is a platform that brings together Dutch companies active in Africa’s poultry sector. DAPP members are desirous to contribute to the growth and development of Africa’s poultry sector in partnership with both public and private sector entities across Africa. The members represent the entire value chain, from farm to fork, and are well equipped to address all your poultry needs.

By means of regular meetings and information exchange, the platform is a vehicle that facilitates Dutch companies’ cooperation in exploring the African poultry sector and jointly promotes the Dutch poultry sector, as a partner of choice in Africa. Besides activities like joint trade missions, market research, and participation in exhibitions, several DAPP members were involved in the Poultry Impact Cluster ‘Kukua na Kuku’ in Tanzania, that aimed at jointly transforming Tanzania’s poultry sector using Dutch technologies and experience.

For more information on the DAPP members and their target countries in Africa, download the DAPP brochure.