Verbeek Hatcheries International- Key Supplier Day Old Chicks

Verbeek Hatcheries International, key supplier day old chicks, works from the centre of the Dutch poultry farming community. For more than 50 years, Verbeek is market leader in the international supply of hatching eggs, chicks and pullets.

As an independent partner to the poultry farmer, Verbeek stays close to its poultry roots. After all, their business revolves around your wishes as the customer. Verbeek works hard to meet your aim for top results. Verbeek’s choice of hen breeds is based on the best genetic potential. And so they have chosen Novogen. We would like to share all available management know-how we have accumulated at Verbeek, whenever you feel it to be within your policy, of course.

Impassioned Verbeek teams work together with poultry farmers on sustainable veterinary and business management. The emphasis will always be on animal health, laws and legislation, food safety and hygiene, as implemented throughout the Verbeek organisation (NEN ISO 9001 certified).

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