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A Passion for Poultry Processing
Marel Poultry is the leading global provider of advanced poultry processing systems and services. We manufacture and supply dedicated solutions for broilers, layers, parent stock, turkeys, ducks and geese. Working together with our valued customers, we have implemented countless successful tailor-made projects all over the planet. This has resulted in the world’s largest installed base in the industry.

We offer the most complete, reliable and extensive product range in the industry. We offer semi- and fully automated solutions for live bird handling, primary processing, chilling, cut-up, deboning, portion cutting, grading & batching, and further processing. Furthermore we offer various end-of-line solutions, such as X-ray inspection and automatic weighing and labeling. Marel Poultry is also able to treat waste water to re-use it in processing operations, rather than discharging it.

Software & monitoring solutions and service & training products complete the supply range. For decades, we have supported poultry processors all over the world to add the most value to their processes and optimize their operations. “Being the market and technology leader, we bring poultry processors unmatched reliability, effective and future proof technologies with respect for people, poultry and planet,” says Anton de Weerd, Marel Poultry’s Managing Director.

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