Impex Barneveld B.V.

Since its establishment in 1971, Impex Barneveld BV has grown from a pioneer to a world-wide, leading supplier of drinking systems and accessories for poultry and pig farming. To maintain and continue this leading position and to respond to the needs of the market – now and in the future – Impex continuously innovates its products and service, of which quality, easy operation and efficiency are important aspects.

Product development & production
The years of experience and thorough knowledge in product development ensure that the market signals are translated into a complete product range. Research and development as well as production takes place in our own factory. Due to its own production, Impex maintains high quality standards and guarantee each product leaving the factory. This guarantee is fully supported by the Impex service department. The 100 percent service of our technical department assures optimal functioning of our automation systems.

The Impex headquarters is located in Barneveld, the heart of intensive livestock farming. Barneveld and the surrounding area is traditionally known for its intensive poultry farming. Animal breeding, as the “Barneveld hen”, the poultry museum, egg auctions and the animal husbandry educational centers provide Barneveld its international reputation. At the many local test farms Impex comprehensively tests its newest developments in the automation of poultry, pig and livestock farming. Not only in its home market, but also internationally Impex has established an excellent reputation. In addition to the Barneveld headquarters, since 1985 Impex has its own U.S. subsidiary, Impex Gainesville Inc., in Gainesville, Georgia.

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