I Grow Chicken (EBIT+)

EBIT+ develops management software for poultry farmers, marketed under the brand name “i grow chicken”. Designed for mobile first, it provides all functionality a professional farmer requires to improve: reduce mortality, improve feed conversion (FCR) and increase yield.

The app provides built-in analysis through various reports, operational and financial, to help you understand the health of your business and pointing out possible opportunities for improvement. The app guides farmers in the more efficient running of their chicken business. Suitable for broilers as well as layers. All breeds are supported, high performance and local breeds alike. The default language is English, while other languages can be made available upon request.

Affordable, easy to use, works on smart-phones, tablets and desktops; functionality is continuously being added to provide even more insight into the business. “i grow chicken”, a Poultry Management Software, enables a healthier, more profitable, poultry business.

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