Champrix B.V.

Champrix is a Netherlands-based company that delivers tailor-made concentrates, premixes, prestarter feed, milk replacers and feed additives. Champrix feed is suitable for all different kinds of animals, from ruminants to poultry. We are experienced in shipping our products all over the world. Having Rotterdam International Harbor within our proximity provides us with cost efficient global distribution possibilities. If desired, we can even compose a shipping of more than one product in one container. Beside, feed solutions we also offer services for our distributors, feed millers, integrators, and farmers to improve their results.

Our goal is your success
Champrix has a team of knowledgeable and experienced people who will help you find a feed-solution that fits your requirements. Before every offer, our nutritionists and technical advisors make a thorough investigation of your needs. We give you the best possible advice and services regarding all matters relating to animal nutrition, farm management, feed production as well as registration and transportation.

Premium quality products and innovations
Champrix stands for innovation and premium quality. Our products are geared towards animal gut health and efficient digestion resulting in better growth, health and productivity of animals. We are GMP+ certified. Our products are regularly tested by renowned and independent laboratories. In terms of innovation, we offer our 123Feed application. It enables our partners to create their own mixing instructions in only three steps. For more information, please visit our website:
We make customer satisfaction our priority and look forward to assisting you.

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