Angel Eggs B.V.

Angel Eggs B.V. was founded in 2014 by the brothers Twan and Jeroen Engelen, who at that time were already producing broiler hatching eggs at their family company located in Someren. The family has been actively engaged in the production of hatching eggs since 1962. Over the past decade the company has grown to several production locations in the Netherlands in order to guarantee the best quality hatching eggs for their customers worldwide.

The international orientation of Angel Eggs enables the company to deliver high quality hatching eggs to customers worldwide. To ensure the best of quality Angel Eggs B.V. uses years of experience in producing hatching eggs to achieve excellent fertility and hatchability so customers achieve better results. By maintaining the highest biosecurity levels, and following a three-week monitoring programme to ensure the health of the breeder flocks Angel Eggs is able to maintain its reputation.

With customers in over 30 countries Angel Eggs is internationally well known for its high-quality hatching eggs of the Ross 308 and Cobb 500 breed. All customers are provided with hatching eggs produced in the Netherlands, and exported after being packed in its own warehouse.

The amount of eggs shipped, as well as the type of packaging, needed documentation and transport are all arranged or provided by Angel Eggs based on customer demand in order to maintain long-term relationships. Therefore, Angel Eggs is not only known for its high quality hatching eggs, but also for their services that lay the foundation for a healthy chick.

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