Aeres Training Centre International (ATCI) & Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Aeres Training Centre International (Aeres TCI)
The world today is facing many food security and safety issues. Solutions are needed to increase and improve the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products. Aeres Training Centre International (formerly PTC+) in Barneveld offers extensive practical training programs in the field of poultry farming, pig farming, and animal feed production. In addition to these courses we have a long history of offering consultancy and development projects for companies, educational institutes and governments worldwide.

Aeres University of Applied Sciences
Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten offers a one-year bachelor programme of Poultry Management for a successful career in one of the following professional profiles:

  • Poultry business advisor
  • Poultry farm manager
  • Poultry farm entrepreneur

In our bachelor programme, you will learn how to deal with differences in international (global) poultry production. The main focus in the one-year programme is on gaining knowledge about how to manage a poultry farm offering different challenges and with a view to optimizing the farm. The programme contains assignments on farms, applied poultry science lectures, and practical training. During the programme, you will benefit from our Dutch knowledge network.

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