According to the United Nations World Food Programme, within the last half century, the African continent has experienced significant increase in the productivity of modern poultry stocks. Synergies have resulted from advances made in the poultry value chain: from poultry management and housing, nutrition and ration formulation, applying poultry genetics knowledge in commercial breeding programmes to better diagnosis and control of avian diseases. Of all these core elements, poultry health and disease can be the least predictable and is the hardest to measure.

With emerging transboundary animal zoonotic diseases affecting the small-scale poultry producers in particular and endangering the poultry genetic resources, and since a healthy and disease free bird is the key for profitable poultry production, appropriate veterinary policies and strategies are crucial for the disease surveillance, control and monitoring.

For this reason the NABC and the Royal GD Animal Health is hosting two Africa Business Club sessions on the topic of Disease Surveillance, Control and Monitoring with a regional focus to raise awareness on the need to have an increased focus on the poultry disease surveillance, control and monitoring as well as to indicate existing gaps that can be filled by the expertise and solutions of the Dutch private sector.

The focus of the Africa Business Club webinars is on the following key topic areas:

  • Poultry health: importance of a disease control and prevention system.
  • Public health and sustainable production: the threat of antimicrobial resistance and regulations for the usage of antibiotics and other drugs.
  • Sustainable solutions: biosecurity, monitoring and disease control.

You are now viewing the webinar page for Poultry Disease Surveillance, Control and Monitoring East Africa taking place on the 22nd of June at 15:00 PM CEST.

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