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VDL Jansen (Jansen Poultry equipment until 2022) was established in 1986 by Mr. Albert Jansen when he developed the first automatic laying nest. Nowadays the company has over 130 employees and delivers systems in over 80 countries. In October 2020 Jansen Poultry Equipment was acquired by the VDL Group, strengthening VDL’s position in the livestock industry together with VDL Agrotech. We develop and produce poultry system for breeders, layers and broilers. All our systems are built in our factories in The Netherlands and Poland. Being able to control the process in-house ensures the highest quality finish which makes the systems very animal friendly. All systems are tailor made to the wishes of the entrepreneur and the needs of the animals.

The knowledge of poultry and technology within the company is essential for developing new products. As is the close cooperation with poultry specialists, technical developers, educational institutions, and research institutions. We believe that humans, animals and the environment must be treated with the utmost respect. This is the base of all our developed and produced products, and services. We are convinced that optimal production results are inextricably tied to the behavior, habits and health of the animals. Performance is defined by healthy animals living in efficient and high-quality housing. Healthy animals performing optimally give the highest return on investment.

We develop and produce poultry systems for breeders, broilers and layers. This includes rearing systems for layers, harvesting solutions for broilers, egg handling solutions, and solutions for emission reduction. Service and advice are integral part of our company. Turnkey solutions are possible. The unique patented anti-spillage feed pan used for broilers ensures an optimal Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Our nests have a patented expel system. And our rearing systems train pullets to perform excellent in an aviary system. Our solutions for emission reduction either prevent or reduce the build-up of ammonia and fine dust.

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