GI-OVO B.V. markets the 3 brands: EggsCargoSystem® (ECS®), HatchCargoSystem®(HCS®) and EggyPlay®. Recently we introduced a 4th trademark by the name Pallet&Co. This division sells high-end quality plastic pallets. Beside exploring these brands to her best ability and on a global scale, GI-OVO constantly looks for innovations dedicated for the egg industry. Innovations are top of mind and for this reason GI-OVO collaborates with partners in the industry as well as with universities and packaging designers.

The EggsCargoSystem® contains a specific plastic pallet, a special plastic divider (layers) to separate the stacks and smart designed plastic egg trays (flats) for optimal egg protection. The HatchCargoSystem® is world’s most innovative system where it concerns the transport and protection of hatching eggs. HCS® allows to load 40 percent more eggs on the same truck. Beside this important topic, HatchCargo compresses the return load with 50 percent compared to steel farm trolleys. Eggs have never been sold like this before: in an egg box specifically targeted at families with children. Eggyplay® is an egg box with dual functionality. In addition to protecting and storing eggs, the box can be reused as a toy.

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