Gi-Ovo B.V. is based in Kootwijkerbroek (the Netherlands). We design, create and produce logistic solutions and packaging dedicated to the egg industry. We work with a staff of eight people from our offices in The Netherlands, USA, Malaysia and Brazil. Our clients are egg farmers, egg graders, egg processors, hatcheries and retailers. Our systems and products are produced with the best plastic raw materials available in the market. Its design guarantees a maximum protection of  the eggs.

GI-OVO B.V. represents 4 brands: the EggsCargoSystem®, the HatchCargoSystem®, Eggyplay® and CEEP®.

Our EggsCargoSystem® was introduced in 2001 and is sold worldwide since. The system consists of a plastic pallet, a plastic divider for separating the stacks and smart designed plastic egg trays (flats) for optimal egg protection. The set can carry up to 12.960 eggs. It reduces the risk of egg breakage by at least 3%.

The HatchCargoSystem® is the world’s most innovative system where it concerns the transport and protection of hatching eggs. HCS® allows to load 40 percent more eggs on the same truck. HatchCargo compresses the return load with 50 percent compared to steel farm trolleys.

Eggyplay® is an egg box with dual functionality. In addition to protecting and storing eggs, the box can be reused as a toy

CEEP® stands for Circular Economy Egg Packaging. Single use packaging has a major impact on our environment, so a sustainable alternative is needed. CEEP® is provided with a deposit and can be taken back to the store. It then goes to the plastic recycling industry where CEEP® is processed into reusable raw material.

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