Foodmate B.V.

Foodmate, founded in 2006, has positioned itself in a short and intensive period as a leading player in the international poultry processing equipment manufacturing industry. Foodmate brings innovative technology and cost effective solutions to poultry processing automation. Their machines optimise yields, improve quality, are sustainable and reduce labor cost while maintaining low cost of ownership.

Though weighing, grading (own software ChickSort), distribution, cutup, dark and white meat deboning are the company’s main focus, Foodmate’s product line spans a wide assortment of poultry processing equipment designed for killing, defeathering, evisceration, automatic rehanging and more. The Foodmate systems are known for their solid, simple and strong design for an easy operation whilst achieving the highest yield. Foodmate manufactures all equipment at their head office and factory in Numansdorp.

Although Foodmate is a relatively young company, it now has a team of approximately 500 enthusiastic and passionate employees working worldwide. Their team of dedicated professionals is backed by decades of poultry industry knowledge and experience, originating from the ‘70s and ‘80s. This team is committed to responding to industry trends and is constantly looking for innovative solutions that offer added value for customers. This attitude fits in seamlessly with Foodmate’s core goal: to ensure customers have the most efficient equipment at their plant to achieve the highest efficiency for a fair price.

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